Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Technology Love

I remember, once upon a time, that I did not want a smart phone. I wanted a phone that was a phone and that one that could text. That's all I wanted it for. However, the Husband works for Microsoft and when the Windows phones came out partnered with AT&T, there was a deal where MS gave their employees a phone for free and AT&T had a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Thus, I received a smart phone.

At first, I was still leery of it. I could text but there were so many other things you could do. I didn't use them. The Husband set everything up for me—mostly because I'm a master at breaking computers. I slowly warmed up to the idea of it through the email, texting, and games.

There were three things that turned me into a smart phone junkie. First, I received an email accepting my 3rd pro sale. I received the email while I was out and it was my smart phone that told me I was now eligible for SFWA. Second, I got hooked into Twitter and the Twitter app was awesome for wasting time in public. Third, the Kindle app. Kindle is our choice of eReader. Suddenly, I could have my favorite books with me at all times. You have no idea how important this revelation was to me.

So, now I am a smart phone adherent, eager to figure out all the bells and whistles. And the Husband still works for MS.

The Windows 8 phone is out and I have it. It is really, really nice. I've got the Nokia Lumia 920. It looks good. It feels good. It has nice screen real estate. The Windows app store isn't as robust as the iPhone app store but it's getting there. The really nice thing, for me at least, is how intuitive the phone is. I was able to customize it without a problem and now the phone is set up how I like it.

It's rare that I like a bit of technology this much. I'm happy to see the Windows 8 phone to work as well as it does. I call this one officially recommended.

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