Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Bad Morning or Senility?

==>Went down stairs to get breakfast, remembered I needed to send out mail.
==>Went out to mail a letter, found a box on my porch.
==>Mailed the letter, got the box, opened it and found jeans I had ordered.
==>Went to put the jeans in the washer, discovered the extra cat food I stashed there for the cat sitter.
==>Refilled the cats’ crunchy bowl, remembered I forgot to do the litter box.
==>Put the cat food away, put fresh litter in the box, grabbed the bag for the box, stopped and waited because the kitten decide now was the right time to go, then opened the bottom of the litter robot.
==>Discovered I needed to tell the cat sitter how to properly put the bag in the bottom, cleaned out the bottom of the litter robot.
==>Cleaned hands, remembered I came downstairs to get breakfast.

That is just one part of my morning.

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