Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

On Epidurals (Medical/Needle Talk)

I got an epidural for my back pain today. First time for it and I was nervous. I don't like the idea of a large needle being shoved into my back, directly into a nerve cluster. However, my writer brain was all interested in it.

The thing that hurt the most was getting the IV into my hand. Though, the nurse gave me a tip. "Wiggle your toes." So, I did. While it was still painful, it was distant. Apparently, wiggling your toes makes your brain concentrate on something "far away" from the needle. It was cool.

As for the epidural itself... I never saw the giant needle. I was awake but sedated. There was some pain in the injection site but that was to numb the area. It was uncomfortable to have something shoving against you deep within. Very uncomfortable until the nurse gave me more sedation and I was wiggling my toes like mad.

After that, everything was fine--except for the numbness in my left leg. It made walking really difficult. I ended up sleeping for two hours downstairs and then moving upstairs to sleep for three more hours. Now, the sedation is wearing off and I can feel my foot again.

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