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I've heard some positive noises for me posting my LARP geekery, so I shall.

Regina Von Mosel is a Malkavian neonate who was a Gangrel ghoul for about 150 years. She's only two in kindred years. Is Acknowledged and has a Prestigious Sire. Other than that, she's a combat monkey who has never had to have an IC fight. Now she's returned to Seattle and she has two stories so far. She tells tarot for the "amusement" of the court... or, at least she used to.

These will always be short musings. Regina is not prone to talk. The cards are always drawn just before I write. They tell me what to write about.

Shuffle: A Journey Foretold
Regina is talking with her sire. This is just an introduction to the character returning.

Shuffle: Talons
Regina's first night back in the city where everything changes and everything stays the same. Except, it seems her biggest threat may be the city itself.



Sep. 24th, 2012 06:39 pm (UTC)
Yep. Masquerade and a bit of V20.