Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Victoria BC

Jeff decided he wanted to visit Victoria BC in celebration of losing more than one hundred pounds. It was a good reward for the milestone. But this wasn’t the kind of mini-vacation that you lazed around on. Oh, no. This was a sight-seeing trip. This was a vacation to go do things.

We arrived midday on Friday and headed off to the Butterfly Gardens. What a lovely area with so many butterflies I’ve never seen before. And lots of ground birds. One of the ground bird (whose name I didn’t catch) either decided it really-really liked or really-really hated my jeans. We’ve got four pictures: Me near the bird. The bird running at me. The bird biting/grooming/something my jeans while I looked flummoxed and a, finally, a close up on the bird going after my jeans as I fled. It’s funny in hindsight.

Then it was off to the Butchart Gardens where we walked all over the Gardens. The rose garden was amazing. So many different roses that all smelled so different. Our favorite rose was called Aperitif and was from New Zealand. There are a lovely Japanese Garden and a fountain that put on a show that was worth sitting down and watching.

Friday night Jeff did some wanting through the boardwalk area while I rested my back and feet.

We started Saturday off by visiting Craigdarroch Castle. What an amazing, lovely castle. My first thought when we arrived was “I want one.” We took the audio tour and enjoyed it immensely. That’s the kind of place I want to live in… on a bluff… overlooking the ocean. Someday.

After a walk on the boardwalk where we found a lovely cougar statuette, we went to the Fairmont Empress for royal afternoon tea. That was worth every penny and second. It was several hours of amazing tea and nibbles while Jeff and I geeked out over our favorite hobbies. We ended up getting some tea for home it was that good.

Then, after a bit more shopping and a wander through the sidewalk art fair we went to the Royal BC Museum to see the dinosaur and birds of prey exhibits as well as their regular exhibits on the First People.

Saturday night was another night in, watching the city lights on the water.

Sunday included a drive along the coast to see the viewpoints and the amazing houses. It was beautiful and a bit surreal accompanied by my GPS’s Darth Vader voice. My favorite line, “Take the ferry. Bring me all the passengers. I want them alive.”

It was a whirlwind vacation that helped refill my creative well. By Saturday night, I was ready to get writing again.

Pictures of the trip can be found on my Victoria BC Facebook album here.

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