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Playing in Imaginary Worlds

I went to David Mitchell's showing of his indie movie called THE FOURTH KEY. It was pretty good. Tighter than his last movie and a good script. I enjoyed it. Also, it was good to see a number of the people I used to LARP with. It was nice to talk to them.

Of course, seeing LARPer always leads to game talk. Not a lot. This gathering was for David and his movie. Still, the seeds were sown. A lot of us miss each other and miss gaming with each other. Jeff and I talked about going back to game—even with our schedule and it looks like we might. After all, I had a dilly of an idea.

Those of you who know me, what do you think of this: former Gangrel ghoul Regina Tate as a Malkavian neonate. Yes, Craig is still alive. No, she didn't want to be embraced. Yes, politics were involved. Yes, it is quite the mess. Almost too good to pass up. There are a couple of people I want to talk to first and Regina's old character sheet to find.