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Dinner Party Meme...

As from adoor to zunger, I follow the meme with a lineage... "If you could throw a dinner party for twenty guests (living or dead) who would you invite?" I hope fictional people are allowed, because I added a couple of them, too.

20 people to dinner. In no real order save basic category.

1. Susan Cooper - The author whose writing introduced me to the magic of reading and set me on the course of becoming an author myself.
2. Robert Heinlein - An author whose less than conventional views of life and love molded my young mind.
3. Neil Gaiman - His writing often astounds and thrills me.
4. Charles De Lint - I absolutely adore most of his urban fantasy and would love to chat with him about it.
5. Jules Verne - His works of fiction set the standard of pulp fiction and adventure.
6. J. Michael Strazynski - Creator of Babylon 5, in my opinion, the best Sci-Fi show to hit airwaves in decades. It opened up the door to many other good Sci-Fi shows.
7. Nikola Tesla - His inventions were/are truly incredible. I would love to listen to him talk about his work.
8. Albert Einstein - Another genius I would love to speak with.
9. Mark Utlaut - My physics professor in college. Brilliant man with a good sense of humor. I'd love to see him interacting with the other two.
10. My grandfather, Jim Hood. No matter what situation, Pop could walk in, drop a few crowd stirring comments, then step back and watch what happened. He was good-naturedly impish in that way.
11. Robert Hill - My first love and still good friend. I'd need someone to be with so I wouldn't be too intimidated to speak to my guests.
12. Bob Cherny - One of the few college friends I still keep in contact with. He has grown in ways I never expected. As has our relationship to one another. I think he would be a very interesting person to add to the mix.
13. Treasure/Jerome - He was my confidant and mentor when I first got in to the BDSM scene. Always answered my questions with honesty and helped me when needed. Later, I had the privilege to scene with him and it was an experience to remember.
14. Marquis de Sade - I want to learn about the man behind the writing and legend. Plus, I'd love to listen to a conversation between him and Jerome.
15. Heather Alexander - One of my all time favorite bardic musicians. She always has a good story.
16. Cecilia Eng - Another one of my favorite bardic musicians. I adore her jazzy, smoky numbers.
17. Basil Poledouris - A composer who has created some of the most personally moving pieces I've ever heard.
18. Phileas Fogg (Fictional - The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne.) - How can anyone not like this two fisted gentleman of leisure and adventurer? [Plus, I have always adored his actor, Michael Praed.]
19. Jareth, the Goblin King (Fictional - Labyrinth) - A character who has been in my dreams and fantasies since 1984. Getting to chat with him could be quite the experience. [Plus, Davie Bowie in leather!]
20. Rupert Giles (Fictional - Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) - This Watcher has so much more to him than has been revealed. I've always admired him. I want to know more. [Plus, Anthony Stewart Head! Yum!]

The Second Tier. Those who almost made it but didn't. In no particular order.
1. George Washington, John Adams, George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton - for the political discussion.
2. Eleanor of Acquitiane, Lady Jane, Queen Victoria - for women in political power in a less than equal setting.
3. Stephan Hawking. It was a choice between him and Dr. Utlaut. Since I know Dr. Utlaut, I chose him.
4. Michael Ironside, Jennifer Connelly, Davie Bowie, Sting, Mira Furlan - Entertainers who interest me.
5. Muhammad, Jesus, Lao-Tzu - for the religious/philosophical discussions.
6. Michael Parkes and Edmund Blair. Two of my all time favorite artists.

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