Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Two Trips

I’ve had two trips in the last two weeks. The first trip was personal, for my “first” anniversary with Jeff. Yes, we did elope on Feb 29, 2008. Yes, we then got formally married before family and friends on May 1, 2008. It was a way of having our cake and eating it too. The reasons for the elopement are many and varied.

While we do acknowledge the elopement right around the time of it, we only really celebrate it on leap years. Otherwise, we stick to the formal wedding ceremony date. (And celebrate on April 1st,too, because it is halfway in-between the two dates—any reason to celebrate our love is a good one.)

This year, Jeff planned a short trip to Orcas Island. It was lovely from what I remember. Problem was, I got sick on the way to Orcas, and things just got worse. We basically had one queasy day there, and then I was out for the count with a stomach flu that had symptoms too yucky to detail. By the next day, I asked to go home. I then spent the next three days in the comfy chair in Jeff’s office watching him play SW:TOR or napping. That got me well enough for my next trip.

The Rainforest Village Writers Retreat is always the start of my convention season. 38 authors, 5 days, writing, 2 daily panels, writing, socializing, and more writing. It is absolutely a wonderful, productive time. I love it. This year, I was one of the speakers and, of course, I spoke on all things anthologies related. Which is good because I’ve just signed contracts for four more semi-pro anthologies this year.

I also wrote about 7700 words (66 pages) on The Ghost’s Talisman, the script for the photo graphic novel that Amber Clark and I will be producing later this year. Officially, I have Draft Zero of the first three issues and will finish the final issue this week. Then, I will let it stew while I complete Alpha Reader edits on YA novel #1.

By the end of March, I want to be back on the graphic novel to make it Draft One and then hand it off to Amber for her thoughts.

Also, April brings with it Norwescon where I will be a panelist. And you can find my schedule here.

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