Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Edge of Propinquity - Issue 72

Issue 72: December 2011

Welcome to issue 72 of the Edge of Propinquity. This is the final issue of the webzine. Originally, TEoP was supposed to be a one year project. It grew beyond that and I am so proud of what I have created here. But it is time to say good-bye. After six years, I have decided to move on to a new long term project. I will post about that when things are ready.

I hope you enjoy this final issue of the Edge of Propinquity. In this final month we have the loss of a loved one, a new hero rising, the end of a fight, an awakening and the realization that life really isn't that bad after all.

Credencium - The Dream Collapses - by Kaolin Fire AKA kaolinfire
Joshua leads his friends in a raid on The Golden Dawn's fortress. The full gang goes head to head for control of reality; reality dissolves around them.

Flotsam - Aftermath - by Peter M. Ball AKA petermball
They may have stopped the world from ending, but Keith isn't sure he can live with the cost. Roark's leaving and Keith's staying behind, rebuilding a life in the city he always hated, and the one person who could have made it bearable isn't coming back. When the local Other make him an offer, Keith has to decide whether he keeps on fighting or disappears into the flotsam that drifts through the city.

Idolwood - Silent Nights - by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
The Hanged Man is dead, and the newly awakened Grey Jordan has kept his son and secrets safe. A new covenant emerges from the ashes of the old, one formed for protection. Yet the seeds of doubt are quick to spring forth in the wake of a murder and a cover-up, and the cracks in a foundation can be easily seen from the shadows of Idyllwood.

The Ones Who Call - As Long as the River Flows - By Alina Pete
The loss of a family member brings the Sipisis family together to mourn, and during the process, Jenny's love for the valley is rekindled. Life may not be easy for The Ones Who Call, but as long as the rivers flow and the sun shines, their family will always endure.

Guest Story - The Final Seal: Dante Collins Versus the End of the World - By Erik Scott de Bie AKA eriksdb
Dante has always seen things that weren't there. Never knowing if what is talking to you is really there makes the teenage years all the more hellish. Things take an abrupt turn when Dante's hallucination reaches out and touches him, proving that it is more than a hallucination and that Dante is the most important person of this age.

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Jennifer Brozek
Editor, The Edge of Propinquity

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