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The harvest season begins.
Beautiful golden half-moon rises,
Swollen with promised bounty.

Obscured by dark clouds
off and on enough to think
of God's eye blinking.

Bringing to my mind
Thoughts of the past and future,
Where is my present?

The drive home from Chez Cthulhu after playing Munchkin with Star Munchkin with Johanna, Missy and Alex was a striking constrast to the silly gaiety of the games we played. I was greeted by one of the most gorgeous harvest moons I've seen in a long time. This is saying something since it was only a half moon to boot.

It was a deep golden amber, occassionally obscured by clouds and mountains. There is something about Luna that makes me hyper-aware of things around me seen and unseen. I have been call a daughter of the Moon from time to time. I don't know what that means. I suppose, a kinship with lunar cycles.

Still, my mind drifted from past to future thoughts. Past memories and future plans. For a time, I couldn't think of what my present amounted to. It was strange for me.

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