Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Life Goes On

It's Monday, one week after Esme's death, and life goes on. My emotions are in a cycle of guilt/anger/depression/numb. I know it's normal but I hate the way I feel. Isis has moved into the alpha position including doing things that Esme used to do: staring at me from the hallway, demanding a lot more attention, and hanging back to watch the other two play.

I think she misses Esme. And I think, in a way, she misses Pharaoh a little. You see, Leeloo has claimed Pharaoh as her own. Singapuras are "velcro kitties" and bond deeply with their owners. In this case, while she has bonded with the rest of us, it is clear that Pharaoh is hers. While she will cuddle and sleep with the rest of us, most of the time she is with Pharaoh—sleeping, playing, investigating. And I think Pharaoh gets this, too. It is not uncommon to see Leeloo zoom-zooming from room to room with Pharaoh plodding after her like a big brother after a beloved baby sister. He is also very patient with her when she plays face-hugger with him.

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