Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Surprise! It's a Kitten!

Jeff and I are planners. We plan everything out. We think about things, save money and make rational decisions.

Until we don't.

In this case, we have adopted a new kitten. She is a Singapura and her name is Leeloo Dallas. She didn't exactly crash land into our laps like her namesake but close to it.

The Singapura is a breed I've been interested in for a long time. Jeff discovered a breeder in Vancouver BC and contacted them about prices, the possibility of visiting the cattery (a must if you are going to get a pedigree kitten) and to be put on the waiting list for a girl. Singapura cats are rare and are always in demand. Especially females.

Next thing we know (at WorldCon no less), the cattery has emailed, given us prices and let us know that a kitten might be available the next week. It all depends on a UK cattery. Apparently laws for pet ownership are changing and that affects this girl. Would we be interested in her?

Jeff and I look at each other, talk about all of the reasons we shouldn't get a new kitten right now, talk about a couple of good reasons for getting a new kitten right now and then leave it up to fate. If she is available, she was meant to be.

10 days later: Big ba-da-boom. We have a four month old velcro kitty who is as active as active can be and the rest of the furry family is disgruntled.

Actually, that's not true. Esme couldn't care less. She treats Leeloo like she treats Isis. But that's it. The twins on the other hand are hissy to the max and afraid of her. Isis won't even come into the kitten room. Pharaoh comes in, hisses and leaves. Poor Leeloo in her cage just doesn't understand why the other kittens won't come play and cuddle with her.

It's going to be a long integration week.

Leeloo at 8 weeks. In the middle.

Leeloo at 12 week on the far left.

Coming home at 16 weeks.

Alien anime kitty!

Leeloo really doesn't like to sit still.

Stalking the camera. Her coloring really reminds me of a squirrel.

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