Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Friday Interrupted

I loathe it when I discover I have mucked something up. And I did. In a big way on my pays-the-bills job. Actually, it was only big in the size of the job rather than the breaking of the database. I was having a different problem (something not appearing when it should) when we (me and the tech guru) discovered my massive mistake. She investigated the first problem while I investigated the second problem.

Once I figured out what I had done so wrong, I fixed it. (Promise, boss. It's fixed.) It took me right at 10 hours to fix but it's done and tested. Not charging the boss for this either. It was my mistake and I needed to fix it. Sure, I could have taken a couple of days to do the fixing, then I would have fretted until it was fixed.

Now, it's fixed and the tech guru can go back to figuring out what's up with the first tech problem. I'm sure it's something simple but I really have no clue.

Not how I had planned to spend my Friday but there you go. These things do happen. And when these things happen, you hunker down and fix them, by gum!

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