Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Want to support the ENnies—and see Kenneth Hite in a tie?

And Lo, it came to pass one late Monday night in the badlands of Twitter...

Kenneth Hite: RT @jefftidball If we are auctioned for more than Monte Cook, I will grow a mustache and the winner may take it home.

Kenneth Hite: Please o please Internet make that happen.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite I might just have to bid on them just to make you happy. :)

Kenneth Hite: @jenniferbrozek And it would make me so very happy.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite Heh. What would YOU give me if I did?

Kenneth Hite: @jenniferbrozek If they beat Monte, and you helped, I'll wear a tie to the ENnies.

Jennifer Brozek: @kennethhite I do believe, Sir Hite, that we have a challenge.

Jennifer Brozek: Want to see @kennethhite wear a tie for the ENnies? I'm accepting donations to win @wordwill & @jefftidball as my ENnies date. #rgp #gencon

Jeff Tidball and Will Hindmarch of Gameplaywright are hoping to go for a bigger bid as an ENnies Dream Date than Monte Cook.

Ken says it would make him happy enough if they went for more, he'd wear a tie.

Friends, help make this happen. Contribute to the Jennifer Brozek "Make Ken Wear a Tie at The ENnies" fund. All contributions will fuel bids on the Tidball/Hindmarch ENnies Dream Date. And to put us all one step closer to seeing Ken Hite in a tie at GenCon Indy 2011.

Support the ENnies.

Support ties.

Give to the Fund.

Paypal: and use "Mustache" in the subject.

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