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My Dark Quest Books come to Kindle

This is very exciting for me because I have two anthologies and a story with Dark Quest Books.

BEAUTY HAS HER WAY edited by Jennifer Brozek - http://amzn.to/mdnnzE
We love them: beautiful, strong-willed women. Now read an anthology filled with stories about them. This is not a heroine's book unless the heroine knows how to do bad in the name of good. This anthology is about women across the ages overcoming all obstacles to win their prize. Beauty will have her way...even if she has to get down and dirty to do it!

HUMAN TALES edited by Jennifer Brozek - http://amzn.to/mIGhJT
Be Wary and Beware.... There are tales that every parent knows and must pass on to their child. Tales of warning and terror...of those who break their vows and kill for no reason other than malice. Tales of saving the lovely princess from a prince that is much less than charming...and what it takes to bring her home, of rescuing babes from parents not fit to raise them, and the reason no supernatural can truly win a bargain with such vile creatures. These are Human Tales.

NO MAN'S LAND edited by Mike McPhail - http://amzn.to/jVcOIx
Includes my story "M.O.V.E". Same War, Different Perspective! With a clap of thunder from above, the Aerospace fighters tear through the sky, while below, our women warriors cross the hell of No Man's Land, to close with the enemy; in fourteen all-new military science fiction stories; with an introduction by David Weber, bestselling author of the Honor Harrington novels.