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The Edge of Propinquity - Issue 66

Issue 66: June 2011

Welcome to issue 66 of the Edge of Propinquity. As summer approaches, bringing with it the heat of the sun, so too does this month's stories. We have a secret rendezvous, the disappearance of the family matriarch, the death of a guide, the choice to save humanity or not and a deal with a very real devil.

[Editor's note: My goodness. All kinds of things tried to thwart me and keep me from posting TEoP this month. From lost passwords to files that wouldn't open to internet problems as well as a sudden invasion of ants in my dining room. But, publish it I did. Please enjoy.]

Credencium - Buried - by Kaolin Fire AKA kaolinfire
Flotsam - Crusade - by Peter M. Ball AKA petermball
Idolwood - Breathless - by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
The Ones Who Call - The Kohkum Knows Best - By Alina Pete
Guest Story - Seren Draig - By T. D. Edge

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Jennifer Brozek
Editor, The Edge of Propinquity