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Conversations with the Husband

"I have a new idea for the front yard."


"We put Aslan by the house and then we get a couple of beavers to put by the lamppost."

"Narnia had beavers?"

"Yes, Lucy first met the fawn and then later everyone met the beaver and his wife."

"Oh! Right. I remember."

"Though, I'm a little afraid of searching for 'beaver statuary'."

*long laugh* "I'm sure it'll be fine, honey. Really."

"Maybe I should search for 'Narnia statuary' instead."



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May. 30th, 2011 05:18 am (UTC)
Back in high school I had a friend whose younger sister attended the same school as us when she was a freshmen and we were juniors. It seems that the school, a Christian private school, took a dim view of students looking up questionable topics on the library computers that were connected to the Net, which was why, when she did the websearch she did, alarms pretty much went off at the librarian's desk and she was hauled off to the principal's office.

Of course, she was looking up beavers for her biology class. Each student was supposed to do a report on a mammal you see, and she chose beavers. Only this was back before knowledge of Boolean searches and clarifying terms were commonly known to weed out unwanted results in Google searches.

She did the first day of her three day suspension before they realized what happened and the administration apologized and brought her back to school.
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