Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

15 Minutes…ADVENTURE! (Leavenworth Edition)

Friday early afternoon...

"What do we have planned for tonight?"
"Nothing really. I have a movie we can watch."
"OK…15 minutes!"

So, off we were again to parts unknown (at least to me). For the first hour or so, all I knew was that we headed a little south and then east. We stopped by the world's smallest roadside church. We got pictures of stuff but this is the non-picture edition of the adventure. The inside allowed for about 4 people seated comfortably (8 uncomfortably) and someone at the small pulpit. It was a surprising little thing to find on our way.

About an hour or so into the journey, I finally saw a sign that said "Leavenworth" on it and I knew that's where we were headed and why Jeff said, "You might want toss an extra set of clothes into a bag." Turns out that Leavenworth is a lot closer than what I thought it would be.

Leavenworth was very pretty and we enjoyed walking around doing some shopping. We found a really awesome 15 minute hourglass that we just couldn't turn down. Also, a cute music box for me with kittens on it. There was so much to see. However, I can't imagine spending time in Leavenworth during the festivals; especially Oktoberfest. It's only about 2 by 6 city blocks in the tourist area. That place would be a madhouse. It makes me wonder how the locals manage it.

Dinner was at the Andreas Keller Restaurant and it was divine. Really good food. I tried their cream of weinkraut soup and the Germanic side of me stood up and saluted. The spezli noodles were so good that we ordered me a side of them so I wouldn't keep stealing Jeff's. The place had a live accordionist who turned out to have worked in Redmond on Microsoft campus once upon a time. We had a good time talking to him about that.

In the end, we decided to head back home instead of spending the night in Leavenworth. Now I know what the city is like and it was a great little "15 Minutes…ADVENTURE!" for us.
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