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15 Minutes…ADVENTURE!

It all started when I turned to Jeff on Friday and said, "I want to do something crazy." Jeff and I were driving to lunch and I was feeling restless. "Canada?" Jeff asked, game for anything. I nixed that idea because a trip to another country, even a friendly one, needs some prep in this day and age.

Over the next hour, we talked and ate and came up with an idea. "I want to see waves," I said. So, Jeff whipped out his smart phone and started looking. We thought about leaving straight from the restaurant towards "the beach." Then we decided to go home and get Jeff's metal detector. Next thing I knew, Jeff was thinking about chairs and various other stuff to put in the car for our spontaneous adventure.

"Am I over thinking this?" he asked. "Yes," I said. "So, when we get home, we will have only 15 minutes to get ourselves rest and the car packed." He agreed and thus, a new concept in my household was born:

15 Minutes…ADVENTURE!

There are rules to this new game. Not many but some guidelines.

1. The one who calls the "15 Minutes" is the one to say what direction the adventure will be.
2. Cheating is allowed, but at least one member of the Adventure has to be unaware of it before it happens and have only 15 minutes to choose what to take.
..........a. Cheating can consist of pre-packing the car if it is an unexpected (to at least one party) overnight trip. Secrecy and surprise is required.
3. It is not cheating to have a specific destination in mind when calling out "15 Minutes."

And that's it.


Friday's adventure ended up going to Whidbey Island over Deception Pass—a direction Jeff had never gone before. I'd never seen Deception Pass or "the Doom Bridge" as some people called it. It was absolutely beautiful!

Mini-adventure: While at the look out, we met Murray. He was looking for his girlfriend, Carole, who was supposed to meet him at the lookout but had not, yet. He had no cell phone reception and he asked us to look for her at the south parking lot. We found her on the other side of the way, at the other lookout area. It was nice to get these too people to hook up. Of course, it rained really hard through all this.

After Deception Pass, we end up at a small, unnamed beach. It was gorgeous. There was a wonderful horizon line with small islands and a small, rocky beach. We stopped to take pictures and to enjoy what was there. Watching the waves, we figured out that the tide was coming in.

Mini-adventure: I discovered the hard way to not trust sandy cliff edges when one crumbled out from beneath me and landing me flat on my ass—on top of a very uncomfortable hunk of wood. Yes, my butt is bruised a deep eggplant purple. No, I'm not going to show you pictures.

Next up, we drove some more and found Libbey Beach where there was a really awesome view of the incoming tide and a safer place (for me) to stand and watch the waves crash.

Mini-adventure: I saw something that looked like a weird duck swimming and diving. The closer it came to us, the surer we were that it wasn't a duck. It turned out to be a wild sea otter. It came in really close to the shore to check us out. It only last a few seconds—too quick to get a picture but it was really cool.

From there, we drove on to Fort Casey. We've been there before and I wanted to see the big guns again as well as the lighthouse. It was getting ready to pour again while we were there, so it was a much quicker trip than we had hoped for. Unfortunately, the lighthouse is still closed and we just missed the gift shop hours by 30 minutes.

Mini-adventure: There were deer all over Fort Casey. We had to stop and say hello to a couple—much to the amusement of security.

While we were on our way towards the Mukilteo-Whidbey ferry, Jeff decided that we should drop by Langley for either chocolates and/or dinner. We'd been in that area of town before, so we knew what to look for. At least, we thought we did.

Mini-adventure: The chocolate shop was closed. The restaurant we wanted to try out was not only closed but the building was for sale.

Denied on all accounts, we grabbed a cheeseburger at Dairy Queen and headed out to the ferry. Nothing horrible or interesting happened to us on the ferry. It was a really nice, if short ferry ride.

We ended the adventure at Sushiland, enjoying cheap sushi and orange soda. I'm not sure why orange soda either. It just sounded good at the time and it was.

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