Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Table

There comes a time in a couple's life when they look at something expensive, look at their budget, look at each other and then say, "We'll take it." This is usually reserved for something like a new car, a 10 day Mediterranean cruise for two or a new backyard pool.

For us, it is The Table.

The Table is our gift to each other for our third wedding anniversary. The Table costs as much as a really nice vacation, and The Table will be worth every penny.

You see, The Table is a Geek Chic table. A custom built Vizier style gaming table of heirloom quality and all the bells and whistles we could want in a table designed for our favorite hobby: gaming. This includes RPG pen and paper games as well as board games.

Yes, the Geek is strong in our marriage.

Yes, there will be a gaming party to celebrate The Table when it arrives.

I'm quite pleased with this purchase even if it makes my wallet wince a bit.

Geek Chic doesn't have pictures of the Vizier on their website yet but I have a couple to show off.

This is the Vizier closed. It is still a dining room table. It is sturdy and beautiful.

This is the Vizier opened. It is Geektasic! It has everything from fold out tables to hidden draws for storage to cup holders to dice rollers to inset map grids and all kinds of other customizable features.

Bow down before the greatness that is The Table.

Yes, I will get pictures of our Table once it is built and arrives.

PS: You are allowed to envy us.

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