Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Traveling Jane

Three trips in four weeks is a bit much. Especially with deadlines looming. However, I have survived and had a really good time.

Visiting Jeff's New Mexico/Arizona contingent of the family makes me think that his side of the family is half Howards. Ruby is 90. Her oldest brother (1 of 9) is turning 100 in June and she is still going strong. Spry and feisty and already thinking about the next stuff she is doing. It was a good trip despite the uncomfortable travel.

As an aside, the water in New Mexico and my skin did not get along at all. By the end of the trip, my legs were dry and raw—so raw that the sheets were irritating and I couldn't sleep. Also, in NM, if someone says, "oh, that's mild," DON'T believe them! Ever. I tried some soup and it was like liquid lava in spice hot and it was supposed to be "mild." And who puts chili powder on fettuccini as a garnish?

My trip to the Rainforest Writers Retreat was so much better. It rained all five days straight. You should see the level of Lake Quinalt rising. It was beautiful and cool. I'll take the rainy rainforest any day of the week. I got a lot pieces-parts of contracted jobs done. First round edits on BEAST WITHIN 2, one non-fiction gaming essay, one foreword for an anthology, three columns. Not bad.

All the travel is done until May. April will have Norwescon but that's just a drive to Sea-Tac. May will have another trip to Utah. Then all trips are done until August. Which is good because I want to hunker down for a while.

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