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Double Dating

It's silly but there is something I really like doing and that's double dating. I never did a lot of double dates when I was younger. Either it was a group outing or a solo couple event. Each of these things is fun in its own right and I enjoy both but, because I never did it, double dating seems to be almost mystical or special in some way. Like I said, silly.

Jeff and I have started going out with other couples. Mostly Lily and Matt. They, being just as geeky as we are, appreciate going to the AFK Tavern or to sushi and talking about what we normally talk about. But, because we are two couples, we are free to BE couples without fear of making anyone uncomfortable. Which means that, as most couples have an internal language, we can recognize that internal language within other couples—which then gives the two couples something to connect with on a non-verbal level.

Oddly enough, it makes me understand the mainstream a little more. I dislike romantic comedies and other such nonsense movies—give me explosions any day of the week—but I begin to understand why they are so popular and prevalent. A lot of it is about the communication between friends and couples as entities and the stupid shit people will try to do to create or preserve such relationships. I still don't want to watch a romantic comedy but I begin to understand why other people do.

It also makes me happy that Heather's guy is moving out here soon. I have not double dated with Heather, ever. But since I've met Joe (at Thanksgiving) and the four of us have had a couple of meals together. I imagine double dating with them is going to be a blast.


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Jan. 19th, 2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
Totally agree with you.
We often hang out with several couples and it's nice because of the "known" couple behaviour.

Also, our groups are often so much alike, the old joke goes that the wives can switch hubbies and never notice (as their behaviours are often too much alike! LOL)
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