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(Crossposted from Jennifer Brozek)

On Friday, December 9th, I turn 46. I didn’t have a problem with 29, 30, 35, 40, or 45. But, for some reason, 46 is messing with me a bit this year. I don’t if it’s because 2016 has been a rough year all the way around or what.

All I want for my birthday (and for Christmas for that matter) is for you to buy one of my books (for yourself or as a gift to someone else) and leave me a review. It’s been my standing birthday wish for a few years now. Please consider getting yourself a gift of one of my books for my birthday. You have a great selection. I would love to see pictures of you and my books, too.

This year, I’d like to highlight a couple of books that came out in 2016.

Never Let Me – This is the omnibus of my Bram Stoker nominated YA sci-fi thriller series. It contains Never Let Me Sleep, Never Let Me Leave, and Never Let Me Die as well as an original short story in the universe, “Never Let Me Feel.” This omnibus is only available in print form.

The Karen Wilson Chronicles – This is the omnibus of my urban fantasy quartet. It contains Caller Unknown, Children of Anu, Keystones, and Chimera Incarnate as well as every Kendrick short story ever written and a John Corso story that is only published in the omnibus. This is available in trade and ebook as well as a signed, numbered, limited edition hardback.

The Last Days of Salton Academy – This is my most recently published book. It’s YA horror. Think Night of the Living Dead meets Lord of the Flies. It’s been called a “gothic zombie book” and I’m just fine with that. It is available in trade and ebook formats.

Of course, if you have those already or aren’t interested in them, you can pop by my website and see the whole list. As always, if you want a signed book by me—even my obscure stuff—the University Bookstore is your best bet. Also, I signed a bunch of books for the Cedar Hills Powell’s Bookstore, too.


My life...

Novel revisions, Ingress, PokemonGO, Novel revisions, short story writing, Ingress, Cats, Novel revisions, PokemonGO, Cats, short story writing, Novel revisions...

Head's down until my birthday.

A Decade in the Making...

Ten years ago, I quit my tech job to "just write." I set professional goals for myself. This is what I have achieved.


The ebook is here!

Get THE LAST DAYS OF SALTON ACADEMY in ebook format from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


#WelcomeToTrumpland (Paraphrased)

Me: Straight white female on my FB.
Him: Straight white male.

Me: I am terrified and upset. So many of my friends are now in real danger.

Him: I'm so proud. It's over we can stop the fear mongering/hate/work together now!

Me: Just stop. I don't want to talk to you about this. I'm having my friends attacked for who they are. Do not try to convince me of the merits of this man.

Him: No one's being threatened but me. Now that Trump is in charge maybe we can make the world a better place instead of further deriding and attacking?

Me: What part of STOP don't you understand? I ask you to stop and I was ignored. THIS is why I'm terrified and upset.


Yeah. Tell me again that "no one's being threatened."
I don't think I've been more ashamed of my country in my life. Half the people have voted for an openly misogynistic, racist, hatemongering, sexual predator for president. One who gleefully threatens the rights of women, LBGT people, and minorities.

I guess I now know what Britian felt like with the Brexit.

Well, I just hope we survive "Mr. Brexit."

Honestly, I don't have a lot of hope with Trump/Pence in the Oval Office and the Republicans controlling Congress. I think there are going to be a lot of hard, terrible times for the United States.

More Writing...

Draft zero of Sekrit Project Alex is done. I'll start red-lining and processing those edits on Monday.

Then I have a couple of short stories to write.

Life is good.


Writing life

I'm in drafting mode.

The signed contract with my new agent came back today. I feel like I should do something awesome to celebrate, but I haven't made word count yet.

Yeah. Such is the writing life.

Word count then celebrate.

Oh, yes! I have a new YA novel coming out next week. THE LAST DAYS OF SALTON ACADEMY is also available for pre-order. :)


Six Years Later...

Seanan: Did I ever tell you about the huntsman spider*?

Me: No.

Seanan: It was when I was in Australia. We'd turned out the lights and I heard it walking on the ceiling. I turned lights on and it was on the ceiling above my bed as big as my hand. (Palms her face with her hand.) So big I could hear it walking. Then, it fell off the ceiling onto the bed then the floor. It scuttled under the bed and I couldn't find it.

Me: When was this?

Seanan: 2010.

Me: Wait, we were sharing a room together at WorldCon in 2010.

Seanan: I knew there was a reason I hadn't told you this story.

*Do not google this if you are afraid of spiders.
Right. I'm home from Iceland and Finland. (Images at the links. Warning: FB.)

I've spent a week ill with a gastrointestinal bug that has been very unpleasant.

I've started on Sekrit Project Alex.

I am happy to be home.

So much travel soon...

I'm about to enter into my scheduled, non-productive few weeks of this year due to a couple of conventions, a wedding, and a whole lot of travel. I have a wonderful, complicated writing gig (Sekrit Project Alex) waiting for me when I get home. I know what I'm doing from mid-September until the end of the year... after all the travel. I'm looking forward to it.


Something else I've been working on in the background with other committee members: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America to Admit Game Writers. Details within. Note: Game writing includes board game writing, video game writing, CGL writing, and table top game writing. http://www.sfwa.org/2016/07/sfwa-admit-game-writers-starting-august-1st-2016/


Editing, editing, editing...

Turned in the Shadowrun novel, MAKEDA RED. Turned in proofs to the Shadowrun short story. Sent a requested manuscript to an agent. Edited a novel for AIP. Currently editing a novel for EGM. Waiting to hear back on Sekrit Project Andy. I'm all editing all the time. My brain has rebelled and I've worked out a lot of background information for the Middle Grade horror series I want to write. So, it's all good.

Thus... quiet.


Sometimes, the world just wants to tell you something. I'm glad I got to hear it.


Alive and working - lots.

Still working on the Shadowrun novel, Makeda Red. I'll be done with it this weekend.

One of the things I've been doing to get away from the keyboard in the evenings and to rest my wrists (no typing, no reading, no crochet), is listening to podcast stories. I've enjoyed several so far.

Welcome to Night Vale isn't specifically to my taste. A couple of aspects of the storytelling annoy me. (Hate the "weather report".) I stopped listening to it but you might like it. Lovecraftian and strangeness in a radio station.

Alice Isn't Dead, also by the Night Vale crew, is much more what I like. Pretty much straight storytelling. Linear and non-linear. A woman truck driver looking for her supposedly dead wife, whom she saw in a background of a news report, encounters fear and weirdness in the search.

Limetown is a completed series and really interesting. Probably the best of the bunch I have here. A reporter is allowed to find out what really happened to Limetown all those years ago... and what happened to the missing survivors.

The Message is also a completed series and interesting. A cryptography team is hired to crack a verified alien communication that seems to make some of the listeners ill. The project is chronicled by a podcaster.


Home again.

Home from StokerCon. I did not win a stoker award for my YA novel, NEVER LET ME SLEEP. John Dixon did for his, and he is a complete sweetie. But, I didn't walk away empty-handed. I got to see old friends like Lucy A. Snyder and Jonathan Maberry, meet new friends, pitch the Melissa Allen series to a producer, have an in-depth conversation with an agent, meet Gini Koch, got asked to write a short story, and finished red lining my Shadowrun novel. It was a good convention.

I am glad to be home though. Also, Leeloo managed to get herself trapped in my empty suitcase. It was kinda funny. I didn't laugh at her... I thought about it, but one does not laugh at a cat without repercussions.

Conversation with the Husband

The Husband walks upstairs and looks into my office. I'm writing (as usual).

Husband: "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it's just fun."

Me: *blink*blink* "Wait, what?"

Husband: "Thinking up my new Shadowrun character."

Me: "I married the right guy."

KWC Trade Paperback Sale

Apocalypse Ink Productions is having a sale of my Karen Wilson Chronicles books! If you were waiting, this is the time to get them. After May 1st, they are gone for good. Karen Wilson Chronicles Trade Paperback Last Chance Sale. 4 Trade for $30. http://www.apocalypse-ink.com/post/Karen-Wilson-Chronicles-Trade-Paperback-Last-Chance-Sale.aspx

Happy book release day to me!

Happy book release day to me. The Karen Wilson Chronicles ebook and paperback omnibus! It has all four KWC novels, every Kendrick story written (even the ones not in the four KWC books), and a new John Corso story. It’s pretty hefty and can be used as a bludgeoning instrument. I am so proud of this book!

Speaking of the Karen Wilson Chronicles omnibus, it is also available in a Signed, Limited Edition, Hardback form. We will only sell these at conventions (like Norwescon) and on the AIP website. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Reminder: I will be at Norwescon this weekend and here is my schedule. Hope to see you there.


Norwescon 2016

Here is my Norweson schedule. If I am not at a panel, I will be at the Apocalypse Ink Productions table in Author Avenue. Come say hello, buy books, and get them signed. I’m happy to chat with you. Don’t be shy around me.