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Home again.

Home from StokerCon. I did not win a stoker award for my YA novel, NEVER LET ME SLEEP. John Dixon did for his, and he is a complete sweetie. But, I didn't walk away empty-handed. I got to see old friends like Lucy A. Snyder and Jonathan Maberry, meet new friends, pitch the Melissa Allen series to a producer, have an in-depth conversation with an agent, meet Gini Koch, got asked to write a short story, and finished red lining my Shadowrun novel. It was a good convention.

I am glad to be home though. Also, Leeloo managed to get herself trapped in my empty suitcase. It was kinda funny. I didn't laugh at her... I thought about it, but one does not laugh at a cat without repercussions.

Conversation with the Husband

The Husband walks upstairs and looks into my office. I'm writing (as usual).

Husband: "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it's just fun."

Me: *blink*blink* "Wait, what?"

Husband: "Thinking up my new Shadowrun character."

Me: "I married the right guy."

KWC Trade Paperback Sale

Apocalypse Ink Productions is having a sale of my Karen Wilson Chronicles books! If you were waiting, this is the time to get them. After May 1st, they are gone for good. Karen Wilson Chronicles Trade Paperback Last Chance Sale. 4 Trade for $30. http://www.apocalypse-ink.com/post/Karen-Wilson-Chronicles-Trade-Paperback-Last-Chance-Sale.aspx

Happy book release day to me!

Happy book release day to me. The Karen Wilson Chronicles ebook and paperback omnibus! It has all four KWC novels, every Kendrick story written (even the ones not in the four KWC books), and a new John Corso story. It’s pretty hefty and can be used as a bludgeoning instrument. I am so proud of this book!

Speaking of the Karen Wilson Chronicles omnibus, it is also available in a Signed, Limited Edition, Hardback form. We will only sell these at conventions (like Norwescon) and on the AIP website. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Reminder: I will be at Norwescon this weekend and here is my schedule. Hope to see you there.


Norwescon 2016

Here is my Norweson schedule. If I am not at a panel, I will be at the Apocalypse Ink Productions table in Author Avenue. Come say hello, buy books, and get them signed. I’m happy to chat with you. Don’t be shy around me.


Writing Retreats

I'm back from the Rainforest Writers Retreat. I've gone for the last 7 years. I didn't think I'd make it this year. It was a last minute decision. It was the right one. I need my yearly solo time away. It's something my mom and dad taught me. Only, instead of dad going fishing, it's me going writing. Couples need small breaks to be by themselves. I miss the Husband. (And the cats) A lot. But I appreciate him (and them) that much more when I get home.

As an aside...

If you didn't already know... NEVER LET ME SLEEP has been nominated for the Bram Stoker award for Superior Achievement in Young Adult Novel!



I am the Writer GoH of RadCon in Pasco, WA this coming weekend. Here's my schedule. Come say hello. There will be specific book signing times where you can buy my new Melissa Allen omnibus, NEVER LET ME and a number of my other novels.

Otherwise, I'm writing, writing, editing, writing.

How's you?

Happy Book Release Day and Reading to Me!

If you have nothing to do tonight, come see me read from my YA SF-Thriller compilation, NEVER LET ME. It's just me reading at the University Bookstore in Seattle. There will be cookies and book giveaways as today is also my book release date!



Things have been busy.

Awesome, but busy.

Really awesome. Really busy.

Ping me if you want to chat. I'll make time.

What I'm doing in 2016

I've already posted about what I did in 2015.

Now I post about what I am contracted to do in 2016 AKA the Year of the Tie-In.

Rereading that makes me both excited and tired.


What did I do in 2015?

I did my annual "Quantifying 2015" blog post over at the pro-blog. If you're curious about what I did and some of the metrics I keep, hop on over and take a look.


Gifts from afar

It's no secret that I love receiving gifts. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. The fact that you’ve given me one tells me you’ve been thinking of me. I like that. Recently, I’ve received several Harry & David gifts. These are awesome. Small amounts of yummy stuff and fresh fruit! I love it and they make me feel loved.

Happy birthday week to me!

Happy birthday week to me! I turn 45 on the 9th. I’ve officially crossed over into that 45-60 year old category. This year, I had four novels, one novella, one fiction collection and an anthology come out. All I want for my birthday is for you to buy one of them and leave me a review. It’s been a standing birthday wish now for about five years. Please consider getting yourself a gift of one of my books for my birthday. You have a great selection.

If you want to know which one I want you to buy… the Melissa Allen series, Never Let Me Sleep, Never Let Me Leave, or Never Let Me Die. I get royalties and kudos on them all but those are the newest.

Apocalypse Girl Dreaming – Fiction collection
Travel from the weird west to the hidden worlds of Kendrick all the way to the far reaches of space. This collection contains twenty previously published short stories and includes the brand new Kember Empire story “Found on the Body of a Solider.” Enjoy your journey and don’t forget your survival gear. Apocalypse Girl is waiting. Includes a foreword by science fiction author Jody Lynn Nye.

DocWagon 19 – Shadowrun tie-in novella
DocWagon—saviors of the needy, rescuers of the desperate. Willing to go anywhere, rescue anyone, as long as that “anyone” has forked out enough advance cash to justify the effort. Reporter Amelia Hart has embedded herself with a DocWagon team to see what their life is really like, and she’s in for a wild ride. From an OD’ing celebrity to an aggressive team of hackers, from pesky gangs to an extremely rich and powerful client teetering at death’s door, this night will give the team all they can handle. But will they survive long enough to remember that in the Sixth World, nothing is truly random?

Chimera Incarnate – Fourth and final book in the Karen Wilson Chronicles
“The Veil is breaking. The Nightmares are coming through.” The supernatural forces of Kendrick may have defeated the Children of Anu, but every war leaves destruction in its wake. And fixing the collateral damage is never easy. The fourth and final volume of the Karen Wilson Chronicles tells the story of what happens when all the chips are down, places of power have been consumed, and one of Karen’s greatest allies teeters on the edge of oblivion. The Grey Lady and her people are fading. Only their pact with the Makah people, and the land of Kendrick itself, is holding their ancient foes at bay. Karen and her allies must find a way to save one of their own before the Veil falls and the world as they know it is destroyed.

Never Let Me Sleep – Melissa Allen #1, YA SF-Thriller
What would you do if you discovered everyone in your house, on your street, and in your town dead? Then discovered you weren’t alone and what was out there was hunting you? Melissa Allen knows exactly how it feels. With only a voice on the phone for help, she must stop what is happening before the monsters find her.

Never Let Me Leave – Melissa Allen #2, YA SF-Thriller
What would you do if you found yourself locked in an underground lab with a murderous alien hunting you? Melissa Allen and her new friends know exactly how it feels. With no help from the outside and time running out, it’s up to Melissa to keep herself and the other teens safe. How can she do that when she’s not sure who she can trust? Someone in the lab helped that alien escape. Someone human.

Never Let Me Die – Melissa Allen #3, YA SF-Thriller
What would you do if your sister was shot and your brother was kidnapped? Melissa Allen knows. It’s been six months since the attack at PAR Lab. Melissa, Carrie, and Adam have settled into a semblance of domestic bliss with Heather as their guardian. Things seem too good to be true. Someone has been watching them. Someone who has no problem trying to kill them.

Naughty Or Nice: A Holiday Anthology – Adult-oriented SF Anthology
With a little bit of nice, a sprinkle of dark, a handful of sexy, and a whole lot of naughty, this adult-oriented anthology is filled with blushes, laughs, and gasps. This is not your average holiday reading. From the story behind Marley's fate, to a little elf who makes the perfect "toy" to the holiday rituals that keep the world going, Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Anthology, keeps the pages turning. Be prepared to be a little bit shocked!

Happiness is:


Book two of the Melissa Allen series, NEVER LET ME LEAVE, is about to be released. I'm happy with the series. The first book, NEVER LET ME SLEEP, is getting great reviews.

What would you do if you found yourself locked in an underground lab with a murderous alien hunting you? Melissa Allen and her new friends know exactly how it feels. With no help from the outside and time running out, it’s up to Melissa to keep herself and the other teens safe. How can she do that when she’s not sure who she can trust?

Someone in the lab helped that alien escape. Someone human.


Pretty New Hair

After the stress of the summer, I needed a change. That change is pretty new hair in the form of "oil slick hair" coloring. I love it.

I win! I love these covers!

I reveal all four Melissa Allen covers and tell you a little about each book and who did the cover art. Never Let Me Sleep is up for pre-order. Also, I'm in love with these covers. I win the cover game! http://www.jenniferbrozek.com/blog/post/All-About-the-Covers.aspx


Editing, editing, editing

I am an editing machine right now. Along with AIP books, I am reviewing EGM books (currently: MURDER GIRLS by Christine Morgan) while finishing up the Naughty or Nice: A Holiday Anthology for EGM. Just waiting on one story. Also editing the last of the Melissa Allen books. I'm looking forward to diving into Wendy Hammer's newest Cross Cutting novella, THE HOLLOW. That should be fun to edit.

Editing, editing, editing!

It's a beautiful cover.

Look at that. My YA novel has a teen on the cover who isn't a stick figure. She looks like a corn fed lass from South Dakota. I'm really happy.

NEVER LET ME SLEEP will be out in October 2015.